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Characteristics of this forklift

Lift (standard mast)

from 2900 to 7500 mm

Capacity / load

from 2,50 to 3,50 t

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Driver assistance systems (optional)
  • Driver orientated workplace
  • Excellent stability during travel due to extremely low centre of gravity and high pivot steer axle
  • Ergonomic and easily adjustable operators environment

More characteristics

Our diesel and LPG fork lift trucks with hydrostatic drive offer outstanding throughput, particularly when reversing (e.g. during loading of HGVs). This is where their strengths truly come into play: Rapid acceleration, fast reversing and precise travel. With five operating programs, the performance characteristics can be optimally adapted to the requirements of numerous applications.

State-of-the-art engines from the automotive industry feature impressive electronic control units. They allow for precise operation and optimum productivity combined with low fuel consumption. All the engines are characterised by low emissions, falling significantly below the strict EU directives. The diesel truck is fitted with a diesel particle filter as standard. A closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter is available as an option for the LPG trucks.

The generously dimensioned workstation is optimally designed with the operator in mind. The infinitely adjustable steering column with memory function and the integral armrest allows full adjustment to suit all operator sizes. The single-point adjustment via two adjustable axes enables the primary controls to be quickly and intuitively adjusted. This ensures safety, protects health and enables the operator to concentrate fully on their work whilst being in a relaxed & stress-free environment.

The laminated safety glass roof panel offers protection from the weather and falling items. The increased amount of light in the cab creates a pleasant working atmosphere contributing to faster and safer stacking and retrieval. These are the best requirements for ensuring maximum productivity throughout the shift.

Advantages of this forklift

  • Performance and drive characteristics
  • Hydraulics
  • Intelligent controls and electronics
  • Safety
  • Brakes
  • Engines

Performance and drive characteristics

A hydrostatic drive gives you the best energy efficiency coupled with maximum throughput particularly when reversing:

  • Stepless power transmission and high starting torques.
  • Electronic control for precise adjustment of drive and hydraulic functions.
  • The five electronically selectable operating/travel programs ensure optimum performance parameters for every application.
  • Automatic increase in rpm during lifting and lowering.
  • Very precise control of travel speed the truck is very responsive.
  • Low maintenance costs due to direct drive without wearing parts, such as clutch, differential and gears.
  • Hydrostatic steering ensures steering is effortless and very precise.


Outstanding travel dynamics and performance levels require a high level of safety. Our hydrostatic drive trucks already offer you a comprehensive safety package as standard:

  • Deactivation of the hydraulic functions if seat is unoccupied.
  • No uncontrolled roll-back on ramps or inclines due to the automatic parking brake, even with the engine switched off.
  • Excellent stability due to extremely low inherent centre of gravity and high pivot steer axle in the newest generation.
  • Damping on mast and tilt cylinders for increased handling safety.

A range of additional operator assistance options provides even more safety for the operator, truck and load:

  • Access Control: The access control system allows operation of the fork lift only if the ‘seat occupied’ and belt lock detection systems have been activated in turn.
  • Drive Control: The speed control which automatically reduces the speed of travel when cornering and from a defined lift height.
  • Lift Control (includes Drive Control): Automatically reduces the tilt speed of the mast from a defined lift height. Tilt angle shown on separate display.


A variable displacement pump for the operating hydraulics optimises efficiency with the appropriate supply of oil.

The high-performance filter system ensures cleaner oil and a long service life for all components:

  • Full-flow hydraulic oil filtration with combined suction and return filtering for maximum oil purity.
  • Hydraulic tank integrated in frame.
  • Ventilation of hydraulic tank via filter.
  • Pressure relief valves protect against excess pressure and overloading.


The hydrostatic drive allows completely wear-free braking:

  • Frequent brake pedal operation is no longer necessary.
  • Parking brake: Sprung-loaded laminated oil immersed parking brake as a maintenance-free, enclosed system.

Intelligent controls and electronics

  • Software and hardware for controls developed and produced in-house.
  • Sensitive adjustment of hydraulic functions via electromagnetic valves.
  • Splash-proof electronic drive and hydraulic controls in CAN-Bus design.


  • State-of-the-art engines with performance figures falling far within the strict statutory limit values.
  • Powerful yet low-consumption engines.



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