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Characteristics of this forklift

Lift (standard mast)

from 3600 to 8000 mm

Capacity / load

from 6,00 to 9,00 t

  • Hydrodynamic drive for efficient power transfer with maintenance free laminated brakes
  • Large capacity industrial engines which deliver high torque at low speeds
  • Especially quiet: Only 71 / 73 dB(A) in the cab

More characteristics

Jungheinrich diesel forklift trucks with hydrodynamic drives (torque converter) offer high throughputs for transport duties over medium to long-distance routes. In these situations, the advantages of this drive technology can be clearly seen: Smooth, judder-free operation and optimal efficiency at medium to high speeds.

The high-performance industrial engines ensure high torque at low rpm, thus increasing fuel efficiency and reducing noise. These robust engines are specially designed for use in fork lift trucks. This ensures high reliability and long service lives, even in demanding applications. Environmentally friendly soot / particulate filters are available as an option for diesel fork lifts. A 3-way catalytic converter is standard for LPG fork lift trucks.

These 6 to 9-tonne trucks are also well suited for all applications in respect to travel and operational comfort. The ergonomic arrangement of the whole workstation offers safety and comfort, protecting the health of the operator. Consequently, the high-performance trucks offer the best conditions for relaxed and focused operation.

Advantages of this forklift

  • Ergonomic cabin
  • Strong hydrodynamic drive
  • Intelligent electronics
  • Brake
  • Strong masts
  • Powerful engines
  • Service
  • Precise steering
  • Reliable hydraulics
  • Additional equipment

Ergonomic cabin

Comfortable, performance orientated ergonomics:

  • Easy truck entry and exit; low step position, easily seen from above.
  • Operator cabin completely sealed from engine and suppressed against noise and vibration.
  • Smoothly adjustable and mechanically cushioned comfort seat (air cushioning optional).
  • Height and tilt adjustable steering column.
  • Hydraulic levers fixed to the operator seat (SOLO-PILOT) automatically move with all seat adjustments.
  • Travel direction switch on the steering column (optionally available on the accelerator or integrated into the MULTI-PILOT control lever).
  • Extensive, comfortable leg room with combined brake/inch pedal.
  • Excellent visibility through the mast due to the location of hydraulic cylinders hidden behind the mast profiles.
  • Comfortable operation in all weather conditions with the comprehensively equipped standard cabin.
  • Specially designed roof and cabin sides offering exceptional all-round visibility.
  • 180 degrees swivelling (left) seat (optional).

Powerful engines

The turbo diesel industrial engines are specially designed for the required drive power in fork lift truck applications.

  • DFG 660 690 and S80: 4-cylinder-turbo diesel engine (4.4-l-Perkins) with electronic injection producing 91 kW at 2200 r.p.m. Maximum Torque: 490 Nm at 1400 r.p.m.
  • DFG S90: 6-cylinder-turbo diesel engine (6.6-l-Perkins) with electronic injection producing 90 kW at 2200 r.p.m. Maximum Torque: 545 Nm at 1400 r.p.m.
  • Exhaust emissions below allowable emission values in accordance with ISO 8178 (fulfils exhaust emission part 3a for diesel engines).
  • Particle/soot filter (optional).
  • 115 litre fuel tank integrated into chassis.

Strong hydrodynamic drive

The hydrodynamic drive with electronically controlled 2 speed power shift transmission ensures an economic transmission of power. Other advantages:

  • Precise and smooth power transmission.
  • Automatic shift and electronically controlled shift lock at travel speeds of more than 4 km/h.
  • Inch pedal (combined crawl-speed/brake pedal) for precise travel during full lift capacity.
  • Travel comfort packet (optional) with automatic increase in rpm during lifting, hydrostatic handling and large multifunction display. Especially suited for reversing and manoeuvring.


Low service costs through good accessibility:

  • Tiltable cabin hinged at the rear and hydraulically operated.
  • Simple access for daily maintenance (oil and water).
  • Long service intervals of 500 hours.

Intelligent electronics

  • Splash-proof electronic drive and hydraulic controllers (as per IP 64) in CAN-Bus design.
  • 12-volt battery with 135 Ah/115 A alternator.
  • Precise control of hydraulic functions using electromagnetic valves.

Precise steering

The maximum in steering comfort and highest safety through:

  • Hydrostatic steering for extremely light and precise steering.
  • Steering axle with integrated steer cylinder.


Two independent brake systems on the front wheels:

  • Foot brake: Hydraulic servo, maintenance free, encapsulated multi-disc, oil immersed brake with servo assistance.
  • Parking brake: Electro-hydraulic disc brake operated via a button located on the display.

Reliable hydraulics

  • Fine filtration in the fluid return circuit.
  • 180-l hydraulic tank integrated into the frame.
  • Ventilation of hydraulic tank via filter.
  • Pressure relief valves protect against excess pressure and overloading.

Strong masts

  • Slender mast profiles with lift cylinders concealed behind allow an extra-wide field of view.
  • Optimised visibility through free-view fork carriage.
  • Fork carriage in accordance with FEM/ISO-2328-4A.

Additional equipment

Many custom build options and various attachments are available in order to adapt the truck to suit customer requests or different applications.


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