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Characteristics of this forklift

Lift (standard mast)
from 3000 to 6500 mm
Capacity / load
from 1,60 to 2,00 t
  • Electric hydraulic steering for improved operator comfort
  • Quickly and intuitively adaptable operating cab
  • Compact mast for best visibility
  • Safe sideways battery removal with SnapFit
  • Operator-oriented storage design

More characteristics

Our Pure Energy technology concept enables us to achieve the best possible energy efficiency coupled with maximum performance. By using the most advanced 3-phase AC technology as well as the compact hydraulic unit, we have been able to significantly reduce energy consumption while simultaneously increasing throughput. This is verified by VDI cycle tests: At maximum throughput, our new EFG Series 2 and 3 consume up to 15% less energy than comparable competitor models.

Application-oriented work programs with variable travel/lift speeds will handle your transport and stacking operations with optimum energy efficiency. The infinitely adjustable steering column and armrest allow for adjustment to suit all operator sizes. The individual adjustment of the main controls is very easy to carry out thanks to the single-point adjustment via two adjustable axes. Changing batteries is as simple as refuelling: Three different battery changing options make this easy for any user even during three-shift operations.

The technical design is convincing with its sturdy truck design, ease of servicing and the latest technology.

  • Sturdy design with steel mud guards, steel covers and protected lighting.
  • Enclosed chassis including the battery for added stability and protection.
  • Maintenance-free components (e.g. brakes and gears).
  • Innovative technology with halogen bulbs and LEDs.

Advantages of this forklift

  • Pure Energy
  • Professional battery management
  • Maintenance-free motors
  • Intelligent electronics
  • Comfortable workplace
  • Maintenance-free braking system
  • Safety systems

Advantages in detail

Pure Energy

Our Pure Energy technology concept enables us to achieve the best possible energy efficiency coupled with maximum performance.

  • Most advanced three-phase AC technology.
  • Compact electronic controller.
  • Compact hydraulic unit.
  • Application-oriented control of the hydraulics/motors.

Comfortable workplace

The ergonomically designed operator’s cab allows for relaxed operation with low fatigue, even during long shifts:

  • Light and effortless electric steering due to reduced steering effort, fewer turns of the steering wheel and a smaller steering wheel.
  • The elimination of hydraulic components in the footwell reduces steering related noise and provides more leg room.
  • Height/tilt-adjustable steering column.
  • Particularly comfortable operation with all the main controls incorporated in the armrest which moves in conjunction with arm movement (height and length are adjustable).
  • Limited vibration as the cab is not directly connected to the chassis (Floating Cab).
  • Clearly arranged operator display.
  • Clear visibility of the load thanks to an optimised chain as well as hose layout.
  • Compact nested profile package with excellent visibility.

Professional battery management

Lateral battery access:

  • Various battery changing options using pedestrian pallet trucks, fork lifts or cranes.
  • Simple, space-saving charging via side door.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Safe operation.

Maintenance-free braking system

Three maintenance-free braking systems make braking safe and comfortable:

  • Motor brake for regenerative braking during deceleration.
  • Automatically engaging parking brake for secure stopping, even on ramps.
  • Maintenance-free disk brakes operated by brake pedal in emergencies.

Maintenance-free motors

The new generation of three-phase AC motors will impress you with their quiet and precise operation at all speeds:

  • High torque for rapid work cycles.
  • Lifetime lubrication of main components.
  • Individually mounted drive motors for simpler servicing.
  • Dust and splash-proof up to IP 54 protection rating.

Safety systems

Excellent drive dynamics and performance provide a high degree of safety.

That is why the EFG Series 2 and 3 include a comprehensive range of safety equipment:

  • Deactivation of the hydraulic functions if seat is unoccupied.
  • No roll-back on ramps or inclines due to the automatic parking brake, even when the truck is switched off.
  • Automatic reduction of the travel speed when cornering with Jungheinrich Curve Control
  • Speedometer.

A range of operator assistance systems (optional) provide additional safety for the operator, truck and load:

  • Access Control: The access control system unlocks the truck only after a sequence of safety checks:

– Valid access rights.

– Closed seat switch.

– Seatbelt is secured.

  • Drive Control: The speed control which automatically reduces the speed of travel when cornering and from a defined lift height.
  • Lift Control: The lift speed control which, in addition to the travel speed reduction, also automatically reduces the tilt speed of the mast from a defined lift height. The tilt angle is shown on a separate display.

Intelligent electronics

  • Jerk-free travel, smooth reversing and precise positioning.
  • Optimally adapted to any situation using five individual work programs.
  • The monitoring of all components and saving of service data, allowing fast and low cost maintenance routines using the diagnosis system.
  • Standard display of the steering wheel position and the travel speed.


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