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Characteristics of this forklift

Lift (standard mast)
from 122 to 122 mm
Capacity / load
from 2,00 to 2,00 t
  • Maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor provides rapid acceleration and high speed
  • Outstanding stability and optimal driving characteristics thanks to Pro-Trac-Link
  • Compact design ensures flexibility and manoeuvrability
  • Multi-shift operation facilitated by sideways battery exit (optional)
Use the ERE 120 to increase the productivity of your goods transport. Thanks to the high speed it reaches in ride-on mode, goods can be handled efficiently, comfortably transported over longer distances and also picked as required.

Thanks to its compact design, the ERE 120 combines the manoeuvrability of a pedestrian truck with the speed of a ride-on truck, enabling you to improve the efficiency of your operations. It also features a powerful 24-volt AC drive motor. Its improved efficiency ensures powerful acceleration and high speeds combined with low consumption levels.

Of particular note are the superior safety features as well as the optimum operator comfort in any situation: – In addition to the soft sprung, folding platform, the entire drive system is cushioned with a ShockProtect suspension. The advantage: The vibrations and stress on the operator, goods and truck are significantly reduced. – Safe travel stance when driving due to optional side restraints. These enable a higher speed of 8.5 km/h to be reached when transporting goods over longer distances.

If they are to be used intensively over longer distances or for loading and unloading HGVs, batteries with a capacity of up to 375 Ah are available as well as the option of lateral battery exchange (optional) for multi-shift operation.

Advantages of this forklift

  • Intelligent control and powerful 3-phase AC motor
  • Optimum driving characteristics
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Additional equipment
  • The truck model can be adapted to the application profile
  • Everything at a glance
  • Long operating times
Intelligent control and powerful 3-phase AC motor

The ERE is equipped with a 3-phase AC drive motor, offering greater performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Make the most of these advantages:

  • High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration and high speed.
  • Rapid change in direction
  • No rolling back on gradients.
  • Maintenance-free drive motor.
  • Energy recovery through regenerative braking on deceleration.

The truck model can be adapted to the application profile

The truck is available in a number of different models, offering flexible application opportunities:

Model 1: Folding stand-on platform without restraint system

  • Pedestrian mode.
  • Speed of 4.5km/h when stand-on platform is folded up.
  • Speed of 6 km/h when stand-on platform is folded down.

Model 2: Folding stand-on platform with restraint system (optional)

  • Pedestrian/ride-on mode.
  • Speed of 4.5km/h when stand-on platform is folded up and restraint system retracted.
  • Speed of 6 km/h when stand-on platform is folded down and restraint system retracted.
  • Speed of 8.5km/h when stand-on platform is folded down and restraint system folded out.

Optimum driving characteristics

  • ProTracLink: Sprung and cushioned support wheels linked via a torsion bar ensure safe handling in all driving conditions.
  • ShockProtect: Additional sprung suspension provides protection for the operator, truck and load. Optimally adjusted to the load, the suspension cushions the operator and frame against harder impacts.

Everything at a glance

The optimally configured controls provide the operator with all the information required at a glance at any time:

  • CanDis provides information on battery charge status, hourmeter and service code storage (optional).
  • CanCode facilitates activation of the truck via PIN, with the opportunity to individually specify authorised operators (optional).
  • The adjustment options for the drive parameter settings allow for optimum adaptation to any application (optional).

Reduced maintenance costs

Service-friendly components and ease of access reduce operating costs:

  • Easily removable components allow for ease of access to the units.
  • Maximum speed only possible when forks are raised (optional). This reduces wear beneath the forks.

Long operating times

Battery capacities of up to 375 Ah guarantee long operating times:

  • Battery compartment M: 180/250 Ah
  • Battery compartment L: 300/375 Ah
  • Lateral battery exchange for both battery compartments (optional).

Additional equipment

  • Entry skids and entry rollers.
  • Load guard.
  • Cold store model.



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