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Cesab Material Handling has unveiled the new Cesab M300V, a range of diesel and LPG forklift trucks that comply with European Stage V emission regulations.

With capacities from 1.5 to 3.5 tonnes, the Cesab M300V series has been designed for high power, low fuel consumption and very low maintenance. The range is specially engineered for even greater business efficiencies, optimum productivity and improved reliability.

Cesab M325

European Stage V regulations¹, which will apply to all non-road mobile machinery manufactured from 30 June 2021 onwards, will require machines of all types and sizes to produce 40% less emissions, or a maximum 0.015g of soot per kw.

The low emission 1ZS diesel engine on the Cesab M320V to M355V delivers outstanding economies of operation, with fuel consumption reduced by up to 20%. This compact three-cylinder engine, offering extended 1000 hours service intervals, is designed to eliminate vibrations and features chain driven distribution and an electronically controlled common rail fuel system. The compact variable nozzle turbo charger promises the highest torque even at low engine speeds.

The new Cesab M320V to M355V models eliminate many of the issues connected with diesel particulate filters, such as the need for frequent servicing and downtime as the diesel particle filter auto-regenerates every 250 hours during the normal work cycle.

Simple, water-only cleaning of the filter is required only once every 6000 hours, via the easy access filter, which can be removed in under five minutes thanks to an innovative counterweight design. Due to the large capacity of the particle filter, there is no risk of premature clogging, even in low-intensity applications.

Please contact Access Mechanical Handling for more details.

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