At Access Mechanical Handling, we have an extensive range of top quality pre-owned and refurbished used forklifts to suit any application. We take great pride in the quality and continual maintenance of our used forklifts which are guaranteed to make a lasting impact on your business and its operations.

We always take all necessary precautions to ensure the used forklifts you receive meet all industry standards and regulations. This way you can get on with doing the day job safe in the knowledge you are using a reliable and efficient forklift. Used forklifts are a great option for many businesses who want high quality, reliable machinery at great, cost effective prices.

With prices starting from as low as £36 per week, it is often the case that buying a used forklift is the right option for your business because new forklifts are simply too expensive and not a worthwhile investment for the period of time you need them for.

Used Forklifts
Quality Used Forklifts


With over 30 years of experience in the used forklift sector, we are the Glasgow forklift market leader for quality used forklifts in Scotland, and throughout the UK. Our used forklifts include options such as:

  • Rough Terrain forklifts
  • Forklifts which can carry up to 3 tonnes
  • Narrow forklifts for use in confined areas
  • Pedestrian operated options

Whether you’re looking for a refurbished forklift on contract hire or to purchase outright, our extensive range of used forklift options are guaranteed to be just the right fit for you and your business. With our close proximity to Glasgow, we are well located to reach places throughout Scotland and the Central Belt to administer these services.

If you’d like to discuss any of your used forklift requirements we’d love to hear from you! To find out how Access Mechanical Handling can help you and your business call us on 01698 745859.

Access Mechanical Handling


Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can advise on the most appropriate forklift options for you and your business. With years of valuable experience in the industry, our staff know what you are after and will always provide sound, honest advice to ensure you get the most out of us and the forklifts you purchase.

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Much like the used car market, forklifts immediately depreciate in value once they are purchased and driven off. Pre-owned, used forklifts are therefore an excellent option for those who want a quality forklift without compromising on quality. They are a popular choice as it’s often the case that used forklifts with minimal use will cost significantly less than newly manufactured ones.

At Access Mechanical Handling we ensure, although the value may have depreciated, the overall quality, reliability and efficiency of the forklift does not. If you think purchasing a used forklift would be the right option for your business, it is essential to buy from a reputable dealer, and with over 30 years’ of experience in the forklift sector, Access Mechanical Handling fit the bill.

As the market leader for quality used forklifts in Glasgow as well as throughout the rest of the UK, we have a huge selection of high quality used forklifts to fit every need and budget. Based in Bellshill, we have worked with clients across Scotland and throughout the UK including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth, Inverness and Aberdeen.

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